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When it comes to finances, we all want to know in advance exactly what is expected of us. Our tuition costs are formulated using a 49 week school calendar year: one week is designated for your personal vacation time; the other 2 weeks cover our scheduled time off at Christmas and 3-5 in-service days over the July 4th holiday for church maintenance (other scheduled teacher in-service days not included - see calendar). Any additional time out of class for extra vacations (including the summer months) or sick days are not reimbursable. Spots for fall cannot be reserved if you opt to disenroll your student for the summer months. We pro-rate tuition fees if applicable based on a 4.5 week average month. 

There is a $150 non-refundable registration fee to enroll. You can read more about this registration fee, our tuition policies, drop-in care, and more in our Family Handbook PDF below. Monthly tuition costs listed below. 

Monthly Tuition

For more information about Lighthouse Christian Preschool's tuition & policies, click the PDF icon for our Family Handbook. 

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