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Our Staff

Niki Tellechea: Preschool Director

Niki has had a passion to work with children since she was a child. She started working with children in the church nursery in elementary school, and from that early age, she knew that she wanted a career in childcare, and development. Niki went to college and got her degree in Liberal Studies, from there she continued on into the child development certificate program and ended up working her way to achieve the top certificate, site supervisor. Since 2005, Niki has been the director at Lighthouse, and absolutely loves the privilege of helping children grow, learn, and know more about God's love for them. 

Alicia Gonzales: Busy Bees Teacher

Alicia was born in San Diego, and grew up on the beautiful island of Kauai. She is passionate about family, community, and caring for young children. This passion has been apart of her life since she was a child herself. Alicia came to Beach Chapel in 2010, and shortly there after, she started in the preschool as an assistant. She has been a lead teacher since 2012 at Lighthouse. Alicia is very involved in the church, and serving in multiple ministries. She considers it an honor to be able to share the love of Jesus with her students and their families. 

​Megan Cheek: Blessed Butterflies Teacher

Megan grew up in Escondido, and recently moved to the beautiful city of Carlsbad. She loves going to the beach, crafting, reading, and spending time with her family. She has 7 years of teaching experience, three of which have been at Lighthouse. Megan has a passion for seeing children as God intended them to be. She takes the necessary steps to develop the creative minds and future leaders in her classroom. She uses her creativity and experience to create lesson plans that not only suits the age group that she is working with, but also the personalities of her students. Her love for children is apparent in her everyday classroom routine, and constant academic-filled fun that is worked in the schedule. She most enjoys seeing her students grow not only in the academic aspects, but as well in their deepening relationship with Jesus. 

Janice Burrows: Pre-K Bluejays Teacher

Ever since Janice was a young girl, she has a love for children. She enjoyed babysitting them, and helping to see them grow. Janice graduated with an AA degree from Mt. St. Mary's College, and then she received a BS from NAU in Arizona. Right out of college, Janice got married and began her teaching journey in 1978. She has been devoted to teaching little children for 30 plus years. Out of those 30 years, she finds that the past 14 years of teaching at Lighthouse Christian Preschool has been the most rewarding, with the biggest blessing being that she gets to teach the children about the importance of knowing Jesus. 

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